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Planning and Zoning Calendar

Variance Hearing


2017 City of Buford

Variance Application Public Hearings

Filing Date *     Last Date to Withdraw *          Appeals Board Hearing

   12-16-16                    12-23-16                            1-23-17

    1-13-17                     1-20-17                              2-20-17

    2-10-17                     2-17-17                              3-20-17

    3-10-17                     3-17-17                              4-17-17

    4-07-17                     4-14-17                              5-15-17

    5-05-17                     5-20-17                              6-20-17

    6-09-17                     6-16-17                              7-17-17

    7-14-17                     7-21-17                              8-21-17

    8-11-17                     8-18-17                              9-18-17

    9-08-17                     9-15-17                             10-16-17

   10-13-17                   10-20-17                             11-20-17

   11-10-17                   11-17-17                             12-18-17

* Close of business day (5:00 p.m.)

Planning Commission Hearing


2017 City of Buford

Rezoning & Special Use Permit Public Hearing Schedules


Filing Date *      Last Date To Withdraw *      Planning Comm. Hearing

    12-06-16                     12-09-16                           1-10-17

     1-6-17                        1-13-17                            2-14-17

     2-03-17                       2-10-17                           3-14-17

     3-03-17                       3-10-17                           4-11-17

     3-31-17                       4-07-17                           5-09-17

     5-05-17                       5-12-17                           6-13-17

     6-02-17                       6-09-17                           7-11-17

     6-30-17                       7-07-17                           8-08-17

     8-04-17                       8-11-17                           9-12-17

     9-01-17                       9-08-17                          10-10-17

    10-06-17                      10-13-17                         11-14-17

    11-03-17                      11-10-17                         12-12-17

* Close of business day (5:00 p.m.)

Advertisement For Bids

Comprehensive Plan


Sewer Allocation


Request for Qualifications






Moreno Street LCI Implementation RFQ.pdf 

The City of Buford, Georgia will receive Statements of Qualifications (SOQ’s) from qualified firms for design services at Buford City Hall, 2300 Buford Highway, Buford, Georgia 30518 until 3:00 p.m. on February 20, 2017.  The City is seeking the services of a firm, partnership, joint venture or team to provide design services and construction administration for the Moreno Street LCI Implementation Project. Services shall include topographic survey, transportation planning and traffic management, civil engineering and storm drainage design, landscape architecture, electrical engineering, structural engineering, environmental services; and related professional services, including design development, preparation of construction drawings, specifications, and bid documents.

Funding for construction of the improvements is expected to be provided by the City of Buford, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) through the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC)’s Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) program. Firms or teams will be required to comply with all applicable regulations of the City of Buford, ARC, GDOT and the FHWA. Consultants must show evidence of prequalification with the GDOT in appropriate areas. Funding for design of the improvements is to be provided by the City of Buford.

Responses to this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) shall include qualifications only along with all other information requested in this RFQ. A qualifications-based selection process will be used. Evaluation of SOQs will be based on the following criteria:

1. Team capacity and experience on LCI Implementation and similar projects, especially related to pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular transportation improvements (20 points).

2. Team capacity and availability to perform the work outlined in the scope of services, preliminary designation of available expertise to tasks, and preliminary work program and schedule (20 points).

3. Understanding of the project (20 points).

4. Experience which indicates an ability to work collaboratively and communicate well with, and facilitate consensus among, a variety of government, neighborhood, and business interests (20 points).

5. Familiarity with the City of Buford and the region (20 points).

No fee or cost proposal will be accepted. The City of Buford anticipates making a single award. Such an award is projected to be accomplished within seventy-five (75) days from the proposal opening.

Submittal of an SOQ indicates acceptance of the conditions contained in the RFQ. The City of Buford reserves the right to retain all SOQs submitted. All SOQs are public records to the extent required by the Georgia Open Records Act. The City of Buford reserves the right to accept or reject any or all SOQs, to waive informalities, to negotiate changes in the scope of work or services to be provided and to otherwise waive any technicalities.  Proposers may direct questions or request additional information regarding the project by contacting Stephanie Lynn at slynn@cityofbuford.com or Bryan Kerlin at bkerlin@cityofbuford.com at least five (5) days prior to submittal.  For a full copy of the Request for Qualifications, please visit www.cityofbuford.com.