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Commercial Sanitation

Franchise Agreement

Republic Service

The City of Buford has a Franchise agreement with Republic Service. Buford City Commission has determined that it is in the best interest of the citizens of the City to have a citywide commercial and industrial solid waste collection program.  Republic Service has the exclusive right to collect solid waste materials at all commercial and industrial establishments in the City.

To open an account please contact the City of Buford at 678-889-4600.

Commercial Garbage Rates and Recycling Rates

Front End Containers

Container Weekly Frequency
Size 1X 2X 3X 4X 5X 6X
2yd $82.65 $165.28 $248.81
4yd $110.20 $202.01 $275.47 $367.28
6yd $147.29 $275.47 $367.28 $477.49 $587.65 $679.52
8yd $174.48 $348.93 $459.11 $569.35 $697.87 $789.67

Customers sharing a container (a.k.a. Co-op’s), shall be priced ten dollars in addition to the appropriate rate, with a minimum charge of a 2 yd, once a week.

Extra Empty Charges

2yd - $67.85

4yd - $87.87

6yd - $107.81

8yd - $127.76

VIP - $199.60


Temporary Roll Off Rates

Monthly Rental - $258.72

Delivery - $211.20

Flat Rate Haul Charge 20yard $515.73 + $63.33 per ton over 4.5 tons

Flat Rate Haul Charge 30yard $550.95 + $63.33 per ton over 4.5 tons

Flat Rate Haul Charge 40yard $575.57 + $63.33 per ton over 4.5 tons

Disposal Charge $63.33 per ton 

Permanent Roll Off Rates

Monthly Rental (20, 30 or 40 OT) $258.72
Delivery $211.20
Haul Charge $211.20
Disposal Charge $63.33 per ton

A deposit of $1000.00 is required on open top containers, fee paid to the city.


Front End Compactors

Weekly Frequency
Size 1X 2X 3X 4X 5X 6X
2yd VIP 158.25
4yd VIP 316.33
6yd VIP $459.11 $918.27 $1377.35 $1836.46 $2295.56 $2750.79
8yd OCC 122.60 239.69 356.80 467.05    

Permanent Roll Off Compactors

Base Monthly Rental for 30yd Self-contained compactor - $668.85

Base Monthly Rental for 2yd Stationary Compactor & Receiver - $586.12
Priced according to manufacture and model number. Installation charges for equipment shall be billed to customer upon completion of installation.


Shall be based on an individual customer basis based upon material.


Front End Loader Cardboard Rates

1X weekly 2X weekly 3X weekly 4X weekly
8 Yard Container $122.60 $239.69 $356.80 $467.05