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First Responders/Emergency Officials

Do you have natural gas pipelines running through your community?  
Do you know the name of your local natural gas company?  
Do you know how to contact the local natural gas company if there is an incident, or if you need more information?  
Have you seen, heard, or received any information regarding natural gas safety in any media in the last year?  
Have you or anyone else in your department to your knowledge met with any Representatives of the natural gas company to discuss pipeline safety within the last 12 months, prior to today?  
Do you have a response plan or SOPs for responding to a natural gas incident, such as a leak?  
Have you done any practical training to deal with a leak?  
Do you feel reasonably well prepared to deal with a natural gas leak, should one occur in your community?  
If you heard a report of a natural gas leak night now, would your department know what actions to take? (Write in the steps; someone should grade the responses to get a sense of whether there has been adequate training or preparation, or the respondent just mentioned general procedures applicable to any kind of incident.)  
Do you know if there were any natural gas leaks within the last two years in your community?